Mach mit!


Are you looking for a job with purpose? Then join our mission to avoid overproduction and enable small companies and start-ups to achieve professional, efficient packaging.

Most important: We are independent of corporations and external investors - so nothing to do with shareholder value!


Around 50 labelists ensure that the old cowshed shakes every day. The tasks are varied and the constant growth means there is always an opportunity to gain experience in new areas or to fill a management position.
In general, we have a very clean production so that you come home with clean fingers in the evening - and not just for office work.

We are always looking for passionate reinforcements in all areas.

General requirement:

  • Fun in life
  • nerdyness or at least affinity for computers
  • Enjoyment of the future

Assignments (theory):

  • Order processing
  • Communication with customers (sales & distribution)
  • marketing

production (practice):

  • Printing with a digital printing machine
  • Tinkering with and adjusting the finishing machines
  • Tackling and checking

What's next?

We are always happy to welcome visitors - because we have a lot to show. Get to know us personally - preferably over a tasty LABELISTEN beer.

Send us your short CV!