Pouch Design Service


Assistance with your pouch design

Creating a design for our pouches doesn't always work the first time. That's why we check your submitted design for you when you place your first order, see if everything fits and give you feedback. If there are any small errors, we will correct them for you. You can then use the improved file to see how it should be structured in future to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Optimization of your print data for the
1st pouch order FOR FREE!

WE KNOW! Magenta on blue is cruel... but this offer requires sharp measures!


Crash course with Matthias
45€ per 1⁄2 hour

If you are still a little unsure or want to have a guide to creating your design right from the start, you can also take a short crash course with Matthias. In a personal video call, he will explain the structure of a design from start to finish so that you can easily build your designs on our print templates in the future.

Print preparation of a finished design
we help with the creation: 90€/hour

If something is still wrong with the uploaded data for your orders, we can of course fix it for you. We would then apply our hourly rate for the processing time.


From an existing label to the pouch
we do it for 180€ all-inclusive

If you are already one of our customers and we already have your label designs in the system, we can also convert them to a pouch for you. Ideally, we need your label as an open Illustrator or Indesign file.



Du hast gar nichts mit Grafik am Hut und brauchst ein Komplettpaket? Auch das ist möglich. Hier bieten wir in Zusammenarbeit mit MALVEGA verschiedene Modelle an:

Kleines Grafikpaket

suitable for your CI

We have the professionals on hand. Our partner Malvega has been in the business for years and knows what you need (and what we need).
You will receive two creative concepts based on your corporate design. The winning motif will be developed and made ready for series production - 2 correction loops included.

Each additional creative concept: 950 EUR. Effort from 3rd correction: 95 €/h.

Large graphics package

All-round carefree package2950€
Packaging design from 0 to 100

Malvega will create a sales-boosting packaging design tailored to your product and your target group - even without an existing CI.
You will receive three creative concepts. The winning design will be finalised and made ready for series production - including 2 correction loops.

Each additional creative concept: 950 EUR. Effort from 3rd correction: 95 €/h.